Why you should never accept a counter offer


Why you should never accept a counter offer

Posted on 28 May 2021

What you should consider before taking a counteroffer?

When you hand in your notice to your manager you should always be prepared for them to give you a counteroffer even if you think it would never happen to you.

Employers want to retain talent within their company so if you are offered a new role your current employer could counter offer you.

Employees should have an open relationship with their managers and be able to discuss their career growth. An employee shouldn’t have to prove themselves by seeking other employment.

Your relationship with your manager is so important but it can be damaged if you choose to continue working with your employer after attempting to leave because this shows that you are unsatisfied with the work environment/ work load. If you do decide to stay, your manager could be worried that you are continuing to look for other opportunities that can affect your career growth. Counteroffers are sometimes used to buy time while they try and replace you which could put you in danger of losing your job. If you do decide to stay working with the same employer make sure you have clear transparency with your manager.

As well as damaging your relationship with your manager you could also ruin the relationship you have between you and other colleagues because they might not trust you. They could also assume that you are not a team player and they could think that you used a different job offer just to gain a higher salary/ title.

When your manager wants to give you a counteroffer it’s not always because your manager all of a sudden values you, it’s because your manager doesn’t want to deal with the work disruption that it could create.

You took the time to identify your reasons for leaving and tried to fix the problems that you could but the problems that couldn’t be fixed are the deal breakers. These deal breakers made you go and seek other employment. If you do think about considering a counteroffer make sure you evaluate each of your reasons for leaving and think about what would change if you did decide to stay.

Counter offers don’t always end up bad sometimes your manager can be making a genuine offer and they do value you. However, you should take into consideration the consequences that follow with accepting a counteroffer.



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