How to handle job rejection


How to handle job rejection

Posted on 26 April 2021

If you don’t deal with job rejection well it can help if you try and turn it into a positive.

When a candidate gets knocked back it can make them lose motivation within their job search. Each set back is a new challenge that gives you the opportunity to get better.

You can always ask and listen to feedback from the employer/ recruiter because if you evaluate yourself based on what you think it is likely that you will not understand what you need to improve on. The further you make it in the selection process the more likely you are to get feedback and the more detailed the feedback will be. Asking the recruiter or employer for feedback is something you should do and if your feedback seems a bit generic then don’t be afraid to ask for more details because you have put lots of time and effort into this process so therefore you are entitled to fair and detailed feedback. Asking for feedback can show the employer/ recruiter that you are committed to self-development which could even lead to the employer offering you the job. 

Asking yourself these 3 questions could help you evaluate yourself.

·Were there any questions that you could have answered in more detail?

·Did you conduct a detailed research about the role and about the company?

·How did you feel about the overall atmosphere during the interview?

Once you have done this you should then evaluate if there are any occurring themes and if so, think how you can prevent these issues from happening again. If you write these pointers down it could help you to prioritise for your upcoming interviews. While you make improvements on yourself you shouldn’t forget about your unique skills because in your next interview you still need to be yourself.

If you notice that you are being rejected within the early stages of the process then taking a day out to evaluate where you are going wrong would give you that first step to becoming better. The problem could be your CV layout and telephone manner/tone.

Every successful person will firstly achieve success in their mind which means they have set their mind to only be successful. It is hard to become successful when negative comments can be thrown your way. You have to keep focused on your next move because that move could take you one step closer to your dream role.

Setting yourself career goals will help you overcome the feeling of rejection. The best way to do this is to set yourself smaller goals that will help you to achieve your final goal.

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