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Why choose PATH Recruitment?


Nobody enjoys a headache so why put yourself through the struggle of trying to find the recruitment partner either as a business or a candidate. Surrounding the recruitment industry there are hundreds of agencies that present different terms of business, altered tactics to penetrate the market and give companies different options.


Calming your first day job nerves.

Experiencing first day job nerves is completely normal. Most people get nervous because we tend to worry about the unknown. You have accepted the job offer and you have your first day coming up and you want to be prepared so it relieves some tension and anxiety. 



Preparation for face to face interview

Following on from our previous blog about how to prepare for a video call interview here are some more tips about how to prepare for a face to face interview. 


How to prepare for a video call interview.


Remember if you fail to prepare it lessens your chances of success.


When preparing for a video call interview you can follow the same steps that you would do for a telephone interview. If you would like to read more details about this please read our telephone interview preparation blog.  


Preparation for a telephone interview

Preparing for interviews

If you are reading this, it looks like you are doing the right thing by conducting research so you are heading in the right direction. First things first… When you go to an interview, go to win a job offer and do not have the mentality of going to the interview just to see what they have to say. If you ace your interview because you went there to make sure you get that offer, you have the option to decline. If you go to see what they are offering and don’t perform at your best, you won’t even have the option to decide if you liked the role or not because you wouldn’t have had the job offer anyway!

Why you might feel like you are going round in circles with your applications.


Why you might feel like you are going round in circles with your applications.

You may wonder why you never hear back from anyone after hitting the send button on applications. You can think am I the problem or is it them?

It is just something that every candidate has to prepare for.

Keep reading to find out why.


Increasing job opportunities

Do you ever wonder why you are not having much luck with job applications? Take a read of this blog that contains handy tips that everyone can use when applying for jobs.


Writing a perfect CV

Your CV is the most important document that the potential employer will see. You should make sure you include all vital information such as any tangibles, achievements you are proud of this could be non-work related or work related and use relevant key words.


Be careful not to use too many clichés within your CV because the employer will not find this interesting. When you have written your CV it is not finished, edit it in line with the job description whenever you make an application and make sure you understand the requirements for the role.


It's okay to take lesser role!

I wanted to put some people at ease that have been reluctant to consider taking temporary roles or positions they feel are below them if they have had little choice throughout the course of the lockdown and as we begin to get back to normal.

Carrying out a successful job search

Understanding your skillset can help you understand why you would be right for a certain role.  


The skills which relate directly to the job are considered as hard skills and the skills that make you a great fit for the office are known as soft skills. You could have all the hard skills but actually fitting in within the company comes down to these soft skills.



How to handle job rejection


If you don’t deal with job rejection well it can help if you try and turn it into a positive.

When a candidate gets knocked back it can make them lose motivation within their job search. Each set back is a new challenge that gives you the opportunity to get better.


Why is diversity in recruitment important?

The UK is home to one of the most diverse populations in the world. Our society is diverse and it is something we should feel proud of. If our society is so diverse then our workplaces should also be diverse. 

Is it time for a career change?


The alarm clock goes off bright and early on Monday morning. What's your reaction?

If you answer yes to more than 4 of these questions this could be a sign that you need a change of career.


Most Common CV Mistakes Employers Dislike

We all love a stat or two don't we? Professional, experience and the title/company you work for are among the most common spelling mistakes.

Your FAQs Answered!


Top tips on how to write a GOOD CV.


Why are you looking to change your job?

Have you ever asked yourself why has someone you know decided to change jobs? Believe you me as professional recruiters we do in pretty much every conversation.

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