How to increase job opportunities


How to increase job opportunities

Posted on 23 April 2021

Do you ever wonder why you are not having much luck with job applications? Take a read of this blog that contains handy tips that everyone can use when applying for jobs.

Writing a perfect CV

Your CV is the most important document that the potential employer will see. You should make sure you include all vital information such as any tangibles and achievements you are proud of, this could be non-work related or work related and use relevant key words.

Be careful not to use too many clichés within your CV because the employer will not find this interesting. When you have written your CV it is not finished, edit it in line with the job description whenever you make an application and make sure you understand the requirements for the role.

Voluntary Work

An advantageous way of increasing your chances of getting employed is to engage with voluntary work to develop skills. Now is a great opportunity to volunteer to keep your mind occupied and to also help vulnerable people during this difficult time. Putting this on your CV can make you look more appealing to an employer.


Research about the company and gather as much information as you possibly can. Look at the culture of the company and look into why the position could be available. Make sure you research the role you are interested in because you do not want to waste your time applying for roles that are not relevant.

If you are selected for the interview process you will already have a good understanding of the company. If you do apply for roles direct or use recruiters it is a good skill to follow up your application and get in touch but know your limits you do not want to become unattractive to the company or recruiter.

Understanding the role

Be selective about the roles you apply for. Read the job specification and see if the position is aligned with your experience and career goals. More importantly, speak with a recruiter or even contact a specialist recruiter. A good recruiter will take the time to understand your skill set and experience. They will also have a detailed understanding of the role you are interested in. Even if you will not be right for the role you are interested in the recruiter can take your details and they can get in touch if they find anything relevant for you.

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