Video interview practice


Video interview practice

Posted on 23 April 2021

Remember if you fail to prepare it lessens your chances of success.

When preparing for a video call interview you can follow the same steps that you would do for a telephone interview.

However, there are a few differences I would always recommend having a practice interview with a friend or family member so that when it comes to the big day you will be prepared. Send them some interview questions and have a practice. You should also record yourself so afterwards you can watch it and you will understand what needs improving. Crucially test on Teams or Zoom or Skype to ensure you can use with ease. Here at PATH we understand online interviews are unfamiliar to many of our employers and candidates. We can offer trial interviews or instructions on Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Skype so you can be prepared for your job interview.

Good IT and organisational skills are required for most roles so ensure that everything is ready the night before. Be online at least 5 minutes before the agreed interview time.

Something could go wrong and it will more than likely be the connection because you can't always rely on technology. If the connection does cut out do not panic just calmly reconnect. Losing connections can lead to you being distracted and thrown off when you do reconnect again. The interviewer is not going to mark you down for any technology inconveniences they understand how daunting video interviews can be.

To prevent any difficulties I would always recommend wearing some earphones because it will make the sound crisp clear and they can also reduce any echoes. You should also find a quiet, private and well lit space.

You may think that you don’t need to dress professionally but you should still dress appropriately for the occasion. To look your best you should avoid bright colours and also have a neutral background.

A video call may not be conducted in the traditional format. They could be pre-recorded which means you are given a set of questions and you need to record yourself answering questions which are then sent to the employer. Some people can feel that this is unnatural but follow the steps above and you will be prepared for the type of video interview that will take place.

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