Telephone interview tips


Telephone interview tips

Posted on 23 April 2021

If you are reading this, it looks like you are doing the right thing by conducting research so you are heading in the right direction. First things first… When you go to an interview, go to win a job offer and do not have the mentality of going to the interview just to see what they have to say. If you ace your interview because you went there to make sure you get that offer, you have the option to decline. If you go to see what they are offering and don’t perform at your best, you won’t even have the option to decide if you liked the role or not because you wouldn’t have had the job offer anyway!

Telephone interviews are conducted as a way to filter out candidates against the criteria in the job description. They have been happening frequently in the replacement of a first interview since the start of the pandemic. Some employers will want to conduct a telephone interview because the job role could involve being on the phone so they will assess your telephone manner/etiquette.

Prepare an elevator pitch that sums up who you are and your experience. Remember to not talk too much, you should let the interviewer guide the conversation. It is harder to build a relationship with someone over the phone so you need to impress them with what you say and know.

If you take the call at home remember that you can slip into a more informal tone because of your surroundings. When you are having a telephone interview it is so easy to misunderstand what is said so it is very important to listen carefully and make sure anything you don’t understand is repeated.

Whilst on the telephone interview call you need to work harder to make sure that you are coming across as a great candidate. You need to be able to focus so this means cutting out all the distractions such as the TV because the employer will be able to tell if you are distracted.

You should take the call on your landline if possible because mobiles can lose connection and it can be difficult to hear one another. If you do decide to use your mobile make sure there is enough battery you many think 30% will last for a quick phone call but that phone call can soon turn into an hour-long conversation so make sure your phone is fully charged.

The biggest advantage of having a telephone interview is that you can have all your notes to hand but make sure they are organised so you can easily read them. Make sure you also have your CV printed out. When you are reading your notes, be wary of your tone of voice because the interviewer will know if you are reading a script.

When it comes to the end of the interview ask them what the next steps are as this shows you are keen and still interested in the role by asking any relevant questions.

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