How to hire the right person


How to hire the right person

Posted on 12 January 2022

Recruitment can be an extremely costly and time consuming process if it’s not done the correct way. It’s an everchanging environment, especially in recent years, where a recruitment strategy that worked well 12 months ago, may not have the same effect in today’s market.

Candidates are in high demand, so poor post interview communication and slow decision making can lead to candidates moving onto different opportunities with your competitors within a short amount of time. Candidates can even be put off joining your company based on this factor.

During the interview it is not just the candidate who needs to impress, the employer needs to make the candidate feel engaged and valued during the entire process too! If the candidate does not feel engaged and valued this could damage the reputation for your company. Word of mouth or bad reviews can put off other candidates applying.

The hiring process can put candidates off if it is too long, on average it can take 27 days to hire a new candidate, but we have known some to be snapped up just in just a few days!

At Path you are guaranteed to always receive the ‘hottest’ candidates in the market, in the quickest possible amount of time. We invest heavily in the latest recruitment technologies giving us the best chance to fulfil your recruitment requirements by delivering end to end, premium, recruitment packages. You will be assigned an account manager that will tailor each campaign to meet your requirements.

We take the headache and stress out of recruiting enabling you to focus on your core business activities, all we ask from you is transparency. We have gained a unique trust from candidates who are managed carefully and every candidate is telephone interviewed.

The team here has excellent industry knowledge as many of the team here have been within the recruitment and plant and tool hire industry for 15 years +

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