How to recruit in 2023


How to recruit in 2023

Posted on 30 March 2023

In today's competitive job market, it's essential for employers to be quick, reactive, and have a streamlined recruitment process to keep 'hot candidates' engaged. These are the candidates who are actively looking for work and may have several job offers on the table. As an employer, it's crucial to move quickly to avoid losing these valuable candidates to competitors.

Some (to name a few) of the most in demand roles within Plant Hire, Tool Hire and Other Specialist equipment rental sectors are as follows:

  • Plant Engineers

  • Plant Fitters

  • Hire Controllers

  • Sales Representative plant hire / tool hire (and other specialist equipment rental) industry experience.

  • Small tool fitters

  • Small tool engineers

  • Drivers

  • Depot Manager's

  • Operational Managers / Directors

 These roles are the positions PATH Recruitment actively recruit for and fill, across the UK.

 So, what can you do to keep 'hot candidates' engaged during the recruitment process? Here are some tips:

 Before you start the process…

Make sure you have an up-to-date Job Description or brief of the role you are looking to fill, along with a well-organised interview process and a defined timeline for making a hiring decision so you are ready to go!

Streamline Your Recruitment Process…

Using a specialised “Recruiter” such as PATH Recruitment ensures that your recruitment process is streamlined and efficient. By identifying ‘hot candidates’, assisting with the initial screening process, scheduling interviews, and coordinating the hiring process we will reduce the risk of you losing a ‘hot candidate’ to a potential competitor.

Move Quickly and be responsive…

When we identify a 'hot candidate,' move quickly to schedule an interview as this will demonstrate to the candidate that you value their time and interest in your company. Don't wait too long to make an offer or they may lose interest and move on to other opportunities. A good recruiter should be able to keep your candidates warm however this can be impossible due to other companies and agencies contacting this hot candidate.

 A specialist recruitment consultancy has several benefits when it comes to finding and keeping 'hot candidates' engaged. PATH Recruitment has access to a wider pool of candidates, often having accessibility to over 40,000 industry specific candidates.

We can quickly identify those who are actively looking for work or consider a new opportunity. This saves time, money and effort for you in the initial stages of the recruitment process, enabling to focus on your core line of business without the need for spending 2+ months waiting for suitable applications, only to find that they don’t show up for interview or start – sound familiar!

This blog applied to the following industries however can be used as a general guide for any company who are recruiting.

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