Maximise ROI in Powered Access Hire


Maximise ROI in Powered Access Hire

Posted on 01 September 2023

Maximise ROI in Powered Access Hire: A Comprehensive Guide for Businesses

Powered access hire is essential for various construction and maintenance tasks. Choosing the right equipment and employing effective strategies can significantly impact efficiency and return on investment (ROI). Here's a comprehensive guide for businesses looking to maximise ROI on powered access hire:

1. Understanding Your Needs

Evaluate your project requirements, considering factors like height, reach, terrain, and load capacity. A clear understanding of these needs ensures you select the most suitable powered access equipment.

2. Choosing the Right Equipment

From scissor lifts to cherry pickers, the range of powered access equipment is vast. Collaborate with experienced rental providers to match your specific needs with the optimal equipment.

3. Training and Safety Compliance

Invest in operator training and adhere to safety regulations. Proper training enhances efficiency, reduces accidents, and minimises potential downtime.

4. Effective Scheduling and Utilisation

Coordinate your hire schedule to align with project timelines, minimising idle time and ensuring equipment is used to it's full potential.

5. Regular Maintenance and Inspection

Ensure regular maintenance and inspections to prevent unexpected breakdowns. Collaborate with the rental provider to understand maintenance responsibilities during the hire period.

6. Analyse Costs and Benefits

Consider the total cost of ownership, including rental fees, transportation, maintenance, and potential downtime. Analysing these factors helps you make informed decisions and maximises ROI.

7. Leverage Technology

Utilise technology like telematics for real-time monitoring of equipment performance and utilisation. Such insights can help in making data-driven decisions.

8. Consider Long-Term Partnerships

Building relationships with reputable equipment rental providers can lead to customised solutions, flexible terms, and potential cost savings.


Maximising ROI on powered access hire requires a strategic approach that considers everything from equipment selection to maintenance and cost analysis. With careful planning, collaboration with experienced providers, and a focus on efficiency and safety, businesses can achieve significant returns on their powered access hire investments.

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