How long should it take to Recruit?


How long should it take to Recruit?

Posted on 01 December 2023

Overcoming Workforce Shortages in the Hire Industry: How long should it take to Recruit?


Workforce shortages across pose a significant challenge for many UK businesses including Plant Hire, Tool Hire, Access Hire and other Specialist equipment rental sectors, as over 50% of all UK employer's struggle to find new staff - this means more competition for you!

In the quest to attract top talent, companies are enhancing benefits and re-evaluating their recruitment strategies ensuring their recruitment partners are highly involved in their industry. Among the myriad challenges, the turnaround time to fill vacant positions emerges as a critical factor influencing successful recruitment.

The Recruitment Conundrum:

The recruitment process can sometimes feel like a never-ending circle, especially when businesses find themselves too busy to hire due to staff shortages – an ironic predicament. In this context, organisations should capitalie on hot candidates, acknowledging the scarcity of qualified individuals in today's job market.

PATH Recruitment's Success Story:

Clients who partnered with PATH Recruitment in the last 3-6 months experienced an impressive turnaround rate, averaging just 9 business days from receiving the job brief to the offer stage. This success underscores the significance of efficient turnaround times in securing top talent.

As a specialist recruiter, we recruit for the following roles (to name a few): Hire Controllers / Coordinators, Internal / Area Sales & Business development managers, Managing Directors, Engineers, Driver’s and Depot Managers / Branch managers.

We also cover the following sections (to name a few): Plant Hire, Powered Access Hire, Tool Hire, Pump Hire, Generator Hire, Waste & Recycling, Material Handling, Capital Equipment Sales, Builders Merchants and Rail.

The Underestimated Importance of Turnaround Time:

Many companies underestimate the importance of swift recruitment, assuming a wide talent pool is readily available. However, the reality is that the job market is characterised by fewer candidates than commonly perceived. This shortage demands a proactive approach to recruitment.

 Addressing the 'Good Talent' Drain:

The primary culprit for losing out on good talent often lies in the recruitment process itself. Candidates need consistent updates and engagement to maintain their interest. Specialist recruitment agencies, such as PATH Recruitment, play a crucial role in this regard, streamlining the process and ensuring candidates stay engaged.

Optimising the Interview Process:

Multiple interviews can frustrate potential candidates, leading to disinterest in the job. Specialist recruiters alleviate this burden by conducting initial screenings and interviews, shortlisting the best candidates and saving companies valuable time.

Mobile-Friendly Recruitment:

With most candidates using mobile devices for job searches and applications, a mobile-friendly application process is essential. Recruiters invest in the latest technology to provide a seamless application experience, ensuring that potential candidates can apply with ease.

Competitive Advantage through Swift Action:

A delayed recruitment process allows candidates more time to explore opportunities with competitors. Acting swiftly to interview candidates demonstrates proactivity, enhancing your company's reputation and standing out in the competitive talent landscape.

Quality over Quantity:

Contrary to common misconceptions, a prolonged recruitment process doesn't necessarily improve the quality of hires. In fact, the longer the process takes, the more likely top candidates are to accept other offers, emphasising the importance of a streamlined recruitment timeline.

Investing in a Reliable Recruitment Partner:

Recognising that many companies and hiring managers lack the time or resources for effective recruitment, investing in a reliable recruitment agency becomes paramount. Specialist agencies bring expertise, efficiency, and access to a broader talent pool within your industry, they also understand your business needs, ensuring a successful recruitment process.


In navigating the challenges of workforce shortages, organisations must prioritise turnaround time in their recruitment strategies. Swift and efficient processes not only secure top talent but also contribute to a positive company reputation and a competitive edge in the dynamic job market. To overcome recruitment hurdles, consider partnering with a reputable recruitment agency that can streamline the process and deliver outstanding results.

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