Sample interview questions and answers


Sample interview questions and answers

Posted on 10 April 2024

​If you are gearing up for your next job interview we have provided questions and answers that resonate with professionals in the plant and tool hire, forklift, builders merchants, pumps, and powered access industries.

1. How Did You Hear About This Position?

Be transparent and follow up with insights:

  • Source: Mention where you found the job - whether through networking, job boards, or referrals.

  • Job Role Appeal: What caught your eye in the job advert? Was it the challenging projects, growth potential, or company culture?

Remember, as a recruitment company, we play a vital role in connecting construction talent with industry-specific opportunities for example plant engineers, powered access engineers, tool fitters, hire controllers, plant sales representative + many more positions.

2. What are your goals?

Professional Goals: Think ahead! Consider where you want to be in 5 to 10 years. Visualise your career path and aspirations. Whether it’s climbing the corporate ladder, becoming an industry expert, or starting your own venture, articulate it confidently.

Educational Goals: Are you eyeing a new qualification? Mention any certifications, courses or degrees you plan to pursue for example as a plant engineer you may want to be put through further courses or if you are a Class 2 HGV Driver you maybe aspiring to obtain your Class 1 license. Show your commitment to continuous learning.

Personal Development Goals: Soft skills matter! Highlight your focus on improving problem-solving abilities, enthusiasm, and flexibility. These traits contribute to your overall effectiveness.

Productivity Goals: Set specific targets! Whether it’s closing deals, streamlining processes, or meeting deadlines, share how you plan to enhance efficiency.

3. Why Are You Looking to Leave Your Current Role?

Honesty: Be candid but diplomatic. Avoid negativity about your current company especially within such a niche industry like the plant and tool hire industry where everyone has contacts. Instead, emphasise your desire for growth and new challenges.

Communication: If you’ve discussed your concerns with your current employer, mention it. It shows maturity, honesty, and proactive communication skills.

Remember, hiring managers appreciate transparency and a positive attitude.

4. What motivates you?

Company Alignment: Understand the employer’s mission and values. Align your response with what they seek.

Challenges: Express enthusiasm for tackling complex problems. Highlight instances where you’ve overcome obstacles.

Skill Development: Talk about your hunger for learning and acquiring new skills. As a plant engineer you may want to be put through further courses or if you are a Class 2 HGV Driver you maybe aspiring to obtain your Class 1 license. Show your commitment to continuous learning.

Teamwork: Mention your enjoyment of collaborative environments. Whether leading or being part of a team, emphasise your contribution.

Innovation: If you thrive on creativity and innovation, share examples of how you’ve contributed to process improvements.

Deadlines: Show your ability to handle pressure and meet challenging goals.

5. Do you have any questions for us?

Performance Reviews and Development:

“Could you share how performance reviews are conducted here? When can I expect my first review?”

“What opportunities exist for professional growth and development within the company?”


Company Goals and Vision:

“What are the company’s key goals for the upcoming year?”

“How does this role contribute to achieving those goals?”


Position and Team:

“Why is this position currently open? Is it due to expansion, restructuring, or other reasons?”

“Can you describe the team dynamics and collaboration within the department?”


Organisational Culture:

“How would you define the company’s culture? What values are emphasised?”

“What kind of work environment can I expect?”

Remember, tailor these questions to the specific context of the interview. Avoid asking about salary or benefits, and focus on aspects that showcase your genuine interest in the role and company. Best of luck with your interviews!

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