How do you Attract and Retain Gen Z in the Hire Industry?


How do you Attract and Retain Gen Z in the Hire Industry?

Posted on 27 June 2024

​Attracting and Retaining Gen Z in the Plant and Tool Hire Industry

Gen Z, born between the mid-1990s and early 2010s, is the latest generation to enter the workforce. Growing up in the digital era, they are armed with smartphones and have instant access to information.

To attract and retain this tech-savvy generation, the plant and tool hire industry, including sectors like forklifts, builders merchants, pumps, and powered access, must embrace and enhance digital tools and platforms.

Digital Proficiency and Technological Expectations: Gen Z want their work environment to mirror their digital lives. Companies that invest in the latest technology will be more appealing to them. Providing cutting-edge digital tools and platforms is crucial to meeting and retaining top talent!

Social Responsibility and Inclusivity: This generation prioritises sustainability, diversity, and community involvement. Equipment Rental and Hire companies that foster a diverse and inclusive workplace, and demonstrate a commitment to social responsibility, are more likely to attract and retain Gen Z employees. Showcasing these values can make your Plant Hire Business more appealing.

Flexibility and Work-Life Balance: Gen Z highly values work-life balance and flexibility. This can be challenging in roles like plant engineers, hire controllers, sales representatives, depot managers, which often require on-site presence. However, offering flexible working arrangements where possible can help in retaining Gen Z talent.

Career Path Clarity: Gen Z is known for exploring different career paths before committing. Providing clear and structured career paths within the plant hire industry can help attract and retain them. Show them how they can grow within your company.

Training and Development: While Gen Z is proficient with technology, they may lack some practical skills necessary for the plant hire industry. Investing in comprehensive training programs, both for technical and soft skills like communication, can bridge this gap. Offering continuous learning and development opportunities is essential.

By implementing these strategies, companies in the equipment rental/plant and tool hire industry can effectively attract and retain Gen Z talent. If you need assistance in recruiting, contact our team today – or 07595 894 229

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