May 2024 Newsletter


May 2024 Newsletter

Posted on 07 June 2024

​How Much Do Recruiters Cost?

Recruitment agencies play a crucial role in connecting businesses with top talent, streamlining the hiring process and ensuring a successful match. The expense and time required for hiring new staff often prompt businesses in all industries across the world to seek specialised recruitment services. At PATH Recruitment, we specialise in delivering permanent staffing solutions tailored to the specialist construction equipment (and related!), offering both contingency and retained recruitment options to provide our clients with flexibility. Let’s delve into the world of recruitment fees and how they impact your hiring decisions:

Contingency Recruitment:

In this model, businesses pay a one-time fee to the agency based on the candidates offered salary. It’s a straightforward arrangement where the agency receives compensation only upon successful placement.

The percentage charged varies, typically falling between 10% and over 20% of the candidate’s salary. Prices will often depend on the job role, the recruitment companies reputation, capabilities and their niche specialist sector. We’ve all heard the saying, ‘you get what you pay for’ and this is the case when it comes to agencies. Higher fees will likely end up in a reduced overall recruitment costs, due to the significant amount of time and money saved when you discuss the role, receive relevant candidates that have been pre-interviewed, finding and employing high level quality candidates that fit your brief, VS having an agency not understanding your role, sending unsuitable candidates, and possibly employing the wrong person due to lack of choice ... eventually.

Advantages of contingency recruitment: Flexibility, as you pay only when a hire is made.

Considerations: Opting for the cheapest agency may not always be wise; expertise matters.

Retained Recruitment:

Here, the fee is staggered throughout the recruitment process. It includes upfront payment, CV submission, and final placement.

Advantages: Allows for a more collaborative relationship with the agency.

Considerations: Choose an agency that aligns seamlessly with your company culture.

Why invest in an external agency?:

Cost Savings: Partnering with a recruiter saves you the cost of advertising, candidate screening, and administrative tasks.

Expertise: Recruitment agencies specialise in finding the right fit for your industry.

Dispute Prevention: Using a single specialist agency that fills you with confidence minimises disputes over fees when multiple agencies are involved.

Quality Over Price: Avoid the Cheapest: While cost matters, prioritise experience and industry knowledge. Cheap agencies may lead to high turnover.

Balance: Higher fees don’t always guarantee success. Find an agency that balances expertise and cost-effectiveness.

Remember, recruitment agencies exist for a reason: They have the resources and know-how to unearth top talent, ensuring your business thrives.

Team Update:

Congratulations to Tyler on being awarded Employee of the Month for April! Voted for by the team! A well-deserved recognition of his exceptional contributions and ability. Tyler has seamlessly integrated into the team environment in just 10 months and it is truly commendable.🤝 He has changed many lives since joining which is what we love to hear!!

Being nominated by colleagues speaks volumes about the impact Tyler has had amongst the team. Tyler’s achievements not only reflect his individual success but also contribute to the overall success and positive atmosphere within PATH. 👷💼

Once again, congratulations Tyler on this well-deserved achievement.

Industry updates:

FOPS and ROPS in construction.

During Construction Safety Week, which took place from May 6th-13th, we shared valuable insights on the importance of construction safety. Prioritising safety significantly reduces the risk of severe incidents. Continue reading to learn how implementing ROPS (Roll-Over Protective Structures) and FOPS (Falling Object Protective Structures) can help ensure your equipment keeps your employees safe.

What is Falling Object Protective Structure (FOPS)?

FOPS prevents falling objects from penetrating the roof of large machines like excavators, dumpers, and telehandlers.

There are two FOPS levels:

• Level 1: Tested against small tools and bricks.

• Level 2: Designed to withstand larger objects like rocks and trees.

What is Roll Over Protection System (ROPS)?

ROPS protects operators during overturns, provided they use seatbelts correctly.

Three types of ROPS:

• 2-post ROPS: Found on small machinery like micro diggers and mini diggers. Foldable and secured before operating.

• 4-post ROPS: Attached to axles or the machine body, offering greater protection.

• Enclosed cabin: Common in large excavators, dumpers, telehandlers, and rollers. Includes safety glass for additional operator protection.

Health and Safety Changes in Spring 2025:

All machines having a tare weight of over 4.5 tons must have a level 2 FOPS & ROPS cabin.

Check the machine label to verify FOPS & ROPS compliance.

Note that enclosed cabins increase costs, so choose equipment wisely and enhance risk management where needed.

How team PATH has helped this month!:

Review 1: Excellent service, prompt follower ups. Very professional, highly recommend

Review 2: Tyler was brilliant. Very easy to get hold of and helpful when needed. Thanks Tyler.

Review 3: Karen was one of the most nice and helpful people and if I ever need anyone's help I would want her to help me she is the best.

Review 4: Really easy recruitment to engage with Gina helped massively. Highly recommend

Review 5: Fantastic support from Path recruitment helping me find and secure my next position. Rachel was brilliant. Can’t recommend highly enough.

PATH Recruitment Jobs:

👷👉Kick start your career with PATH Recruitment 👈👷

Senior Plant Engineer | £38.5k - £42.5k + Overtime | Launceston

Forklift Service Engineer | £30k - £45k + Overtime | Burton-On-Trent

Hire Controller | £30k - £40k + Mon-Fri working hours | Wellingborough

Workshop Plant Supervisor | £50k - £55k + Van | St Albans

Health and Safety Manager | £75k - £80k + Car | Letchworth

Sales Support Administrator | £26k - £28k + Car | Livingston

Mobile Fitter | £32k - £35k + Van | Hitchin

Area Sales Manager | £30k - £55k + Van | Ashton in Markfield

Data Analyst | £36k - £41k | Reading

Service Manager | £55k - £60k + Car | Warrington

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