How to prepare for a face to face interview


How to prepare for a face to face interview

Posted on 22 April 2021

Preparation for a face to face interview


Make sure you know where you are going. I would recommend traveling to the location before the interview so when it comes to the big day you will know how long it takes and you will be able to make time for any inconveniences such as road closures or heavy traffic.

Some people do not realise that showing up too early for an interview can make a bad first impression. It can show that you have poor time management skills and may not be suitable for the employer especially in the current climate. Arriving 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled meeting should be just right.

Take any relevant documents

Any relevant qualification certificates to the role you are being interviewed for, please take with you. You should also take a copy of your CV and a separate reference sheet. They are likely to not need these but this shows you are organised and prepared. 

Notes & Questions

You should also take a notebook which allows you to make notes during the interview about the role and also write down any relevant questions that you wish to ask at the end. Be careful to not spend most of the interview writing notes this can be off-putting and this also reduces eye contact. 

Before the interview write down questions that you wish to ask. Try and ask questions that show that you have done your research and make sure that your questions can generate a two way street of communication. If you ask negative or suspicious questions it can create a negative atmosphere and will reflect badly.


Research about the company and find out everything you possibly can about them. Don’t just visit their website go beyond & check out their social media platforms this is a good way of understanding what it will be like to work there. You want to be able to know what you are talking about so when you are asked ‘What do you know about our company’? You will be able to answer confidently.

Research about your interviewer, find out what you can about the person by checking out their LinkedIn profile, the better understanding you have the more successful your interview will be.

About you

Remember to be confident, know your CV inside out and know the job spec and explain how they relate to your skills & experience. Demonstrate how this job role matches your skillset by making sure you understand what the employer is looking for. Dress for success, whenever you are attending an interview dress in business / formal dress unless the interviewer states otherwise.

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