How do you stay positive when searching for a job?


How do you stay positive when searching for a job?

Posted on 15 September 2021

​If you have been job hunting for a while it can be tempting to apply for anything and everything. Recruiters can tell when you are applying for many jobs especially if you are applying for several different roles within the same recruitment business.

Have a strategy about what you are exactly looking for:

·         Have knowledge of the location you will be willing to travel to

·         Know the hours that you can work

·         Give yourself a salary bracket of what the minimum and maximum salary you would be prepared to take


To also save you time and hassle it is always worth using a recruitment agency to help with your job search. Recruiters build relationships with their candidates which means recruiters can put a campaign together for you. Finding a specialist recruiter will help with your job search because they will have the industry knowledge and are bound to hear about new openings or even receive confidential roles that you could be right for, so it is always worth being signed up to a recruiter to make sure you know about these opportunities.

Schedule time to apply for jobs

Do not spend all your time constantly looking for jobs to apply for. It’s best to have set days/hours where you sit and apply for roles and then give yourself a break to enjoy ‘me’ time. When you are applying for jobs remember that the job market is tough out there especially during the times that we are in now so if you don’t hear back from job applications or don’t get past that interview stage remember that it will not feel like this forever.

Schedule time to amend your CV

While applying for jobs you also need to give yourself time to work on your CV. You may need different versions that fit with the job description for that role, you may want to update any skills or references too.

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