What is Plant Hire?


What is Plant Hire?

Posted on 02 March 2023

You may have heard of the term Plant Hire but may not completely understand what this means. In this blog we are going to cover what Plant Hire exactly means and the type of equipment that is available for hire.

How did Plant Hire get its name?

Plant Hire comes from the verb to plant. The objects are planted in the ground in a way that is similar to a plant.

Plant Hire explained:

Plant Hire is a service that provides machinery hire for equipment such as excavators, telehandlers, rollers, and many more on a temporary basis to people that are involved in construction projects.

The Plant Hire company stocks a variety of machinery. These orders are initially taken by Hire Controllers click here to find out more about becoming a hire controller who will coordinate the equipment ready to be delivered to site by an LGV/HGV Driver click here to find out more about becoming an LGV/HGV Driver.

Benefits of using Plant Hire:

It is a cost- effective way for a customer to utilise machinery to the fullest without having to worry about any extra costs such as overheads, maintenance costs and ensuring the purchase of the latest equipment.

When you use a Plant Hire company you are guaranteed the help and advice to ensure you are hiring the right equipment that is installed with the most up-to-date technology.

Plant Hire equipment:

The hire company that you are in touch with will understand your requirements and guide, so you are hiring out the right equipment for the right job.

Excavators and Diggers

Excavators and Diggers make a large hole in the ground and extract earth from a certain area. These come in a large range of sizes ranging from 0.8tons to 800tons. Depending on the type of work you are carrying out will depend on the size of the Excavator/Digger you need. If you are carrying out work on a small scale, you may only need a smaller digger but if you are working on a bigger scale then a larger digger may need to be used.


A telehandler is also known as a telescopic handler or boom lift and is used for heavy lifting to move materials across site. Again, these vairy in size/models as some can carry more weight and have a greater reach than others.


This is used to crush and compress waste, soil and gravel which is also used in the agricultural sector where you would typically use a larger compactor but on a construction site you would find a range of small and large Compactors.


Did you know that you can hire out attachments? You may want to hire out an attachment if you already own a piece of equipment or machinery but need a specific attachment or accessory to complete a job.

Excavator attachments:

  • Breakers

  • Forks

  • Riddle buckets

Telehandler attachments:

  • Grain bucket

  • Fork mounted extension

  • Extendable jib

Plus, many more type of attachments.

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