March 2024 Newsletter


March 2024 Newsletter

Posted on 04 April 2024

​Industry updates:

In observance of Women in Construction Week, it's important to acknowledge the shifting landscape within the traditionally male-dominated construction industry. While progress is evident, it's equally crucial to recognise and address the barriers that some women are facing in the industry. Here, we delve into some insightful statistics gleaned from our LinkedIn polls, shedding light on the experiences of women in this dynamic field.

Representation and Recognition:

An encouraging 70% of women note an increase in the representation and recognition of their counterparts within the equipment rental industry. This positive feedback reflects the concerted efforts aimed at fostering inclusivity and gender parity. It's essential to sustain this positive momentum. To further bolster inclusivity, companies can implement proactive recruitment strategies, ensuring diverse talent pools and equitable advancement opportunities.

Challenges of Gender Bias:

Despite strides forward, 54% of women reveal encountering gender bias challenges within the equipment rental sector. These biases underscore the imperative of confronting such issues head-on and cultivating an environment grounded in respect and equality. To counteract these biases, organisations must prioritise diversity training and foster a culture of inclusion from the top down. Establishing clear protocols for addressing discrimination and providing avenues for reporting grievances can create a safer and more supportive workplace environment.

Embracing Challenges and Learning Opportunities:

Half of the surveyed women (50%) advocate for embracing challenges and seizing learning opportunities. The construction industry demands resilience and adaptability, qualities that women are increasingly demonstrating. Let's rally behind one another, urging each other to step out of our comfort zones and embrace growth. To facilitate this, companies can implement mentorship programs, pairing experienced professionals with aspiring women in construction. Additionally, investing in ongoing training and skill development initiatives empowers women to navigate and excel in this dynamic industry.

The Power of Networks:

A significant proportion (63%) of women entered the equipment rental sector through familial or friendship connections. These networks serve as crucial avenues for opening doors and offering invaluable support. To leverage this power effectively, organisations can establish formal mentorship networks and affinity groups, providing platforms for networking, support, and professional growth. Encouraging women to cultivate diverse networks beyond traditional circles can also broaden opportunities and foster resilience.

As we celebrate Women in Construction Week, let's honour the trailblazers who've shattered barriers and paved the way for future generations. Amplifying the voices of women in construction involves actively promoting their achievements, providing visibility through company-wide communications, and advocating for gender-inclusive policies and practices.

In conclusion, overcoming the challenges faced by women in construction requires collective action and commitment. By fostering inclusive cultures, providing support networks, and championing diversity, we can create an industry where every woman's contribution is valued and celebrated.

Team Update:

🎩We couldn't resist an opportunity to wear GREEN for St Patrick's Day! 🌈💚 We're spreading the luck of the Irish hoping it brings you all the success in your interviews and job offers. (Or you find a pot of gold so you don't need to go to them!) ✨☘️

How team PATH has helped this month!:

Review 1: Excellent work and great experience the help was appreciated thanks to Leo for helping me find a new job in time when I needed it am grateful for all your help.

Review 2: Amy Denton was brilliant through the whole process and I would highly recommend PATH Recruitment.

Review 3: Tyler very helpful and quick to respond.

Review 4: I have had the pleasure of working with Leo from Path Recruitment over them past couple of months to place me with a new employer that matches my goals. Leo has been brilliant, staying in touch throughout the process, and keeping me informed on progress at every stage, not only that but he is so easy to talk to and engaging, you can tell he really cares about his candidates and the employers he represents. I would have no hesitation recommending Path Recruitment and especially Leo to anyone.

Check out our recent blog post:
What do recruiters actually do

As a specialist recruiter for the Plant Hire, Specialist Equipment Hire, Tool Hire, Builders Merchants, Capital Equipment Sales, Waste, and Commercial Vehicles industries, we play a pivotal role in connecting businesses with the right talent. Let’s delve into what recruiters ‘actually do’.

Understanding Your Needs

A specialist recruiter that is involved within your industry, will already have a great idea of how your business operates. It will be down to them to understand the intricacies of your company and the roles you are recruiting for so they can offer a fair solution and great quality candidates in line with what is discussed.

Comprehensive Candidate Search

Advertising: Some agencies rely solely on advertising their jobs and receiving applications for your job. This is never the best way to establish who is currently looking for work due to the amount of ‘passive candidates’ who may not be actively searching for a new role, you will never truly understand the best possible talent if you relied on adverts only however for some agencies this concept may work, others may take more of a headhunt approach.

Advanced Technology: Recruiters employ cutting-edge technology to conduct multiple types of searches across job boards. This ensures they identify the most suitable candidates for your role.

National Database: Recruiters will have access to an unprecedented national database of thousands of candidates, they cast a wide net to find the perfect match.

Efficient Screening and Interviewing

Telephone Interviews: Before sending any CVs your way, recruiters conduct thorough telephone interviews with all candidates. Your account manager will extract valuable insights to ensure they are the right fit.

Timely Turnaround: Recruiters will aim to provide you with CVs within 24-48 hours of receiving the role.

Scheduling Interviews: Given that candidates are often available for a limited time, your dedicated account manager will strongly recommend scheduling interviews within 24 hours of receiving candidate CVs.

Facilitating the Hiring Process

Interview Coordination: During initial discussions, recruiters will gather interview dates from you. This allows recruiters to promptly book candidates for interviews.

Second Interviews: If needed, recruiters will assist in arranging second interviews for shortlisted candidates.

Offer Management: Upon successful introduction, simply inform us of your desire to make an offer. Once all the paperwork has been dealt with the candidate will join your company on the agreed start date.

Remember, our expertise lies in understanding the nuances of the plant hire, tool hire, and construction equipment industries. By partnering with us, you gain a competitive advantage in securing top talent for your business.

PATH Recruitment Jobs:

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Plant Engineer | £40k - £45k + Vehicle + Overtime | Bexleyheath

Transport Supervisor | £30k - £37k + Bonus | Welwyn

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Mechanical Workshop Engineer | £30k - £35k + Mon-Fri | Hemsworth

Hire Desk Controller | £28k - £33k + Company Benefits | Smethwick

Internal Sales Manager | £28k - £34k + Bonus | Woodley

Marketing and Events Assistant | £30k - £35k + Hybrid Working | Sandy

Tool Fitter | £28k - £35k + Overtime + Van | Rainham

Workshop Supervisor | £40k - £45k + Vehicle | Wembley

Regional Sales Manager | £40 - £47k + Uncapped Commission | Chorley

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