June 2024 Newsletter


June 2024 Newsletter

Posted on 04 July 2024

​How do you Attract and Retain Gen Z in the Hire Industry?

Recruitment agencies play a crucial role in connecting businesses with top talent, streamlining the hiring process and ensuring a successful match. The expense and time required for hiring new staff often prompt businesses in all industries across the world to seek specialised recruitment services. At PATH Recruitment, we specialise in delivering permanent staffing solutions tailored to the specialist construction equipment (and related!), offering both contingency and retained recruitment options to provide our clients with flexibility. Let’s delve into the world of recruitment fees and how they impact your hiring decisions:

Gen Z, born between the mid-1990s and early 2010s, is the latest generation to enter the workforce. Growing up in the digital era, they are armed with smartphones and have instant access to information.

To attract and retain this tech-savvy generation, the plant and tool hire industry, including sectors like forklifts, builders merchants, pumps, and powered access, must embrace and enhance digital tools and platforms.

Digital Proficiency and Technological Expectations:

Gen Z want their work environment to mirror their digital lives. Companies that invest in the latest technology will be more appealing to them. Providing cutting-edge digital tools and platforms is crucial to meeting and retaining top talent!

Social Responsibility and Inclusivity:

This generation prioritises sustainability, diversity, and community involvement. Equipment Rental and Hire companies that foster a diverse and inclusive workplace, and demonstrate a commitment to social responsibility, are more likely to attract and retain Gen Z employees. Showcasing these values can make your Plant Hire Business more appealing.

Flexibility and Work-Life Balance:

Gen Z highly values work-life balance and flexibility. This can be challenging in roles like plant engineers, hire controllers, sales representatives, depot managers, which often require on-site presence. However, offering flexible working arrangements where possible can help in retaining Gen Z talent.

Career Path Clarity:

Gen Z is known for exploring different career paths before committing. Providing clear and structured career paths within the plant hire industry can help attract and retain them. Show them how they can grow within your company.

Training and Development:

While Gen Z is proficient with technology, they may lack some practical skills necessary for the plant hire industry. Investing in comprehensive training programs, both for technical and soft skills like communication, can bridge this gap. Offering continuous learning and development opportunities is essential.

By implementing these strategies, companies in the equipment rental/plant and tool hire industry can effectively attract and retain Gen Z talent. If you need assistance in recruiting, contact our team today – Jobs@pathrecruitment.com or 07595 894 229

Team Update:

Team PATH enjoyed a fantastic night out at our local cider farm earlier in the month! We had delicious Indian street food and indulged in plenty of refreshing cider. 🌟🍏

Check out our recent blog post:

Recruit candidates to train when you can’t beat the candidate market.

In the fast-paced job market, traditional recruitment methods may not always suffice in finding the perfect candidate. A modern approach that combines the potential of candidates with the expertise of recruitment agencies can offer significant benefits, especially in the plant and tool hire, forklift, builders merchants, pumps, and powered access industries. This blog explores how moulding and training candidates through recruitment agencies can save time and money while enhancing employee loyalty.

Benefits of Partnering with Recruitment Agencies

Wider Talent Pool: Recruitment agencies have extensive networks, allowing them to identify candidates that might not be on your radar. They specialise in recognising potential and matching candidates to suitable roles, expanding your talent search.

Cost and Time Efficiency: Recruitment agencies efficiently screen and shortlist candidates, reducing the burden on your HR team. This streamlined approach translates to quicker hiring cycles and substantial cost savings.

Moulding and Training: Once candidates are identified, companies can focus on moulding and training them to meet specific needs. This approach values potential and eagerness to learn over rigid qualifications. Comprehensive training programs and mentorship can help candidates thrive.

Enhancing Employee Loyalty

Investment in Growth: Investing in the growth and development of candidates fosters a strong sense of loyalty. Employees who feel valued and see opportunities for advancement are more likely to stay committed to the company's success.

Diverse and Inclusive Workforce: Recruitment agencies can help build a diverse and inclusive workforce by tapping into a broader candidate pool. Diversity brings fresh ideas, creativity, and innovation, enhancing problem-solving and adaptability.


Combining the potential of candidates with the expertise of recruitment agencies is the future of recruitment. By partnering with these agencies, organisations can expand their talent search, save time and money, and enhance employee loyalty. Investing in candidate growth and embracing diversity leads to a stronger, more adaptable workforce.

At PATH Recruitment, we specialise in placing the right candidates in the plant and tool hire industry. We recognise the value of a candidate's potential and cultural fit. Our trained staff can identify these candidates, providing you with a competitive advantage. Enquire today to see how we can help you succeed.

Team Update:

Congratulations to Gina, our Employee of the Month!

Gina was voted by team PATH for her outstanding achievements and consistent ability to smash targets. Her dedication to her role and her team-first attitude make her a truly exceptional team player.🤝

Gina's journey from starting as a resourcer and apprentice to becoming a senior recruitment consultant is a testament to her hard work and commitment. Her progression within the company highlights not only her professional growth but also her unwavering dedication to excellence.🙌

Being recognised for putting her colleagues first is a wonderful reflection of Gina's character and her positive impact on the team. Her success sets a great example of what can be achieved through dedication and teamwork.🚀

Once again, congratulations to Gina on this well-deserved recognition! 🏆

How team PATH has helped this month!:

Review 1: Leo from Path recruitment has been an absolute pleasure to work alongside in my pursuit for a new role. He listened with attentiveness and interest to what I wanted from him and my next endeavour. I cannot rate his communication and service to myself any higher. Thank you for hard work Leo.

Review 2: Karen from Path was excellent, she found me the perfect job with a very good company. She arranged the application, interview and the offer. Karen has a personal touch which is very refreshing and I would recommend her to everyone. Thank you so much Karen you’re an absolute star.

Review 3: Very helpful company who made everything very easy must say that the level of follow up was exceptional especially from Dario who went above and beyond, would highly recommend if your looking for a job change.

Review 4: Had a very good experience with Tyler recently and I look forward to starting my new role.

Review 5: From the very first call Gina has made me feel confident in myself to go for the interview! With her help and advice I got the job. Thank you Gina so much!

PATH Recruitment Jobs:

👆👷Drive your career to the top! 👆👷

Hire Controller | £28k - £31k + Bonus | Stockport

Sales Executive | £25k - £50k + Car + Bonus | Barnsley

Breakdown Controller | £28k - £34k per year | Magor

Mobile Plant Fitter | £28k - £34k + Van + Overtime | Chatteris

Area Sales Manager | £40k - £45k + Car + Bonus | Swanley

Business Development Manager | £38k - £45k + Uncapped Commission + Car | Romford

Workshop Manager | £40k - £45k | Kettering

Mobile Plant Engineer | £35k - £40k + Van | Stoke-on-Trent

Depot Manager | £45k - £62k | Derby

Hire & Sales Controller | £25k - £30k + bonus | Derby

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